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    Native Nut Gimme Five!

    Price: $60.00 250ml


    SAVE when you buy all five fragrances 

    Lavender 250ml 

    Lemongress 250ml

    Honey Myrtle 250ml

    Patchouli 250ml

    Rose Geranium 250ml

    There's something to please everyone. 

    At Native Nut, macadamia nut oil is the core of our soap because the oil produced from the macadamia nut is packed full of an almost unique combination of unsaturated lipids which closely resemble those in human sebum (the stuff that keeps our skin moist).

    So much so that macadamia oil is sometimes called the vanishing oil, because it is rapidly absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and supple but not clogged.

    All in all it is about the perfect moisturiser for our skin and great for making natural soap.

    But rarely does a single oil produce the perfect natural soap. So at Native Nut we blend in a touch of coconut and olive oil to round out our soap so it feels great and has the perfect balance of cleansing and moisturizing properties. It cleans effectively and is gentle on your skin.


    Water, saponified macadamia, coconut and olive oil, natural acidity regulator (sodium borate), fragrance (pure essential oils) and nothing else.